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Tentative Agreement Ratified
Posted August 8, 2014

Yesterday, the certificated members of BHEA voted 193-33 to approve the tentative agreement. The results by school site were:

HS (53 Yes, 27 No)
BV (36 Yes, 0 No)
ER (32 Yes, 5 No)
Haw (36 Yes, 0 No)
HM (36 Yes, 1 No)

Today, the
BHUSD Board of Education met for their ratification vote and approved the tentative agreement, 5-0. The TA, which includes a guaranteed 5.16% salary schedule
increase for the 2014-15 school year, a $500 overall increase in health benefits over the next two years, and the addition of an "Above Satisfactory" rating on teacher evaluations,
takes effect immediately. To see more information about the TA, please go to the
Resources page.
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Bargaining Team Members Approved for 2014-16
Posted August 16, 2014

At Thursday's Executive Board meeting, the board unanimously approved BHEA President Telly Tse's recommendation of Gregg Riesenberg (as chair), Christopher Bushee,
F.E. Young, Josh Schmidt, Rebecca Hickok, and Petrina Arth (as an alternate) to the bargaining team for a two-year term.

The Executive Board also approved the recommendation of the following people for committee chair positions:

David Siskin - Bylaws
Christopher Bushee - Grievance, Political Action Committee
Debra Joseph - Professional Development
Julie Goler - Social

The recommendations will go to the Representative Council for a vote on Wednesday, August 20 at 3:45 pm.
A Product of Partnership
Not only is our recently ratified agreement verified to be fiscally responsible, it is a substantive symbol of the positive and collaborative relationship between the BHUSD Board
of Education and BHEA

Posted August 21, 2014

The Beverly Hills Education Association would like to publicly thank the members of the Board of Education for ratifying the tentative agreements with the certificated and
classified employees in our school district. We feel that this agreement not only demonstrates a commitment to the public educators in the community, it is a symbol of the
positive and collaborative relationship between BHEA and the Board of Education.

The ratified agreement is a fiscally responsible settlement. The district provided financial documentation to the Los Angeles County Office of Education verifying that the
agreement will allow the district to maintain a positive and healthy budget going forward. In addition, the district is currently carrying a healthy $10 million reserve fund that
collects interest. Furthermore, through this agreement, revenue is shared in such a way that there will be ample funds for district programs while allowing the district to
maintain fiscal discipline and solvency both in the present and in the future.

Finally, the condition in the agreement that increases in teacher salaries will continue until the highest point of the salary schedule is equal to or higher than all other districts in
Los Angeles County is similar to the agreements that the city of Beverly Hills has made with its police and fire department employees. The agreement indicates that the
community values the high quality work of all of its public employees and recognizes our service with competitive salaries.

BHUSD teachers and staff enthusiastically strive to improve best practices and provide a high quality education to thousands of elementary, middle, and high school students
every year. We are buoyed by the commitment and trust the Board of Education has made to attract and retain the highest quality employees for generations to come.
Leadership Team Fully Staffed
With the special election completed this week, BHEA is poised to have no vacant positions on Executive Board and Representative Council for the first time in years

Posted August 29, 2014

On Wednesday this week, association members throughout the district voted to elect several colleagues to leadership positions within BHEA. HS counselor and site
representative Kate Marks was elected to the K-12 Director Position. HS history teacher Dan Moroaica is the new HS Director. Through a vigorous write-in campaign, 8th grade
science teacher Lori Schwartz was elected Hawthorne Site Representative. Music teacher Ethan Smith was elected Horace Mann Site Representative. Finally, HS instructional
assistant Elisa Ibarra returns to a post she previously held and is again the HS IA Site Representative.

The final vacancy on the Representative Council, a HS site rep position open due to Kate Marks's ascension to the K-12 Director position, will be filled by appointment at the
September 11th Rep Council meeting. With this appointment, there will be no vacancies in the BHEA leadership team for the first time in recent history.

Congratulations to the newest members of our team!

Special Election Results

K-12 Director
Kate Marks – 82 (100%)
[BV – 14, ER – 5, Haw – 28, HM – 19, HS – 16]

HS Director
Dan Moroaica – 16 (100%)

Hawthorne Site Representative
Lori Schwartz (Write-In Candidate) – 30 (100%)

Horace Mann Site Representative
Ethan Smith – 22 (100%)

BHHS IA Site Representative
Elisa Ibarra – 5 (83%)
Joel Vine (Write-In Candidate) – 1 (17%)
Election Guide 2014
CTA Recommends Jerry Brown for Governor, Tom Torlakson for State Superintendent, NO on 46, YES on 47

Jerry Brown for Governor

The California Teachers Association (CTA) endorses Governor Jerry Brown for reelection because of his commitment to California’s public schools and colleges and for guiding
the state through tumultuous times. As governor, Brown has made students a priority by supporting the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) that ensures low-income and
minority students have the same opportunity for a quality education. By supporting Proposition 30 in 2012, public schools have been spared billions of dollars in further cuts and
have started to improve. Governor Brown deserves another term to continue making positive changes that will help our state thrive and grow economically.

Tom Torlakson for State Superintendent

As a teacher, parent, and proven leader, Tom Torlakson shares our core values as educators. It is important to reelect Torlakson as State Superintendent because he supports
smaller class sizes and assistance, not sanctions, for lower-performing schools. Since being elected in 2010, public schools have seen the highest class graduation rates of all time,
the passage of the Quality Education Investment Act that has had significant impact on lower-performing schools, and more funding for all students with the Local Control
Funding Formula. Torlakson believes in learning over testing as indicated by his support of Assembly Bill 484 that suspended the use of the outdated STAR test while the
Common Core State Standards are being implemented. Your vote will allow him to finish the job he has the experience to do.

NO on Proposition 46

CTA recommends NO on Proposition 46 because this ballot measure will make it easier and more profitable for lawyers to sue doctors, clinics, and hospitals. Unless defeated,
the measure will be costly for consumers and taxpayers, and would reduce access to care for patients.

YES on Proposition 47

CTA recommends YES on Proposition 47 because this ballot measure seeks to replace prison and justice system waste with common sense solutions that create safe
neighborhoods and save public dollars. By passing this measure, individuals charged with felonies for petty crimes will instead face misdemeanor charges which will reduce
prison overcrowding and free up justice resources to focus on serious and violent crimes.

Information for this article was obtained at
Adequate Equal Healthcare
  • Gap remains between BHEA and the district at the bargaining table
  • BHUSD health and benefits package among lowest in the area

Posted April 15, 2015

The BHEA bargaining team has been negotiating with the district on behalf of teachers and staff to increase health and welfare benefits for all unit members and to prevent any
further increase in the growing gap between the active member and retiree cap. Currently, active full-time employees receive up to $7250 a year in benefits with an increase to
$7500 next year. This number is among the lowest in Southern California. By comparison, LAUSD employees receive $10,500 a year in benefits. Culver City educators receive
$10,060 and will receive $10,460 starting next year.

Presently, there remains a gap between BHEA and the district and time is running out at the bargaining table. As educators in the Beverly Hills Unified School District, we pride
ourselves as being among the best in our profession working in a great community. In the area of health and welfare benefits, we are not looking to be at the top of the list
overnight. We just feel we should not continue to be among the worst.

Please contact your Board of Education members to help us convey this message. Their contact information is below:

Dr. Brian Goldberg, President

Howard Goldstein, Vice-President

Lisa Korbatov

Lewis Hall

Noah Margo
Tentative Agreement Reached

After months of negotiating and weeks of organizing, a TA has been reached between BHEA and BHUSD

Posted May 20, 2015

The terms of the tentative agreement:

  • Increase district maximum health and welfare contribution by $1000 to $8500 for active employees effective July 1, 2016, an increase of 13.3%
  • Increase district maximum health and welfare contribution by $1000 to $8000 for retirees effective July 1, 2016, an increase of 14.3%
  • Allow retirees to use benefits to cover vision plans. Previously, vision plans were not covered.
  • Allow retirees to use benefits to cover spouse, domestic partner, and eligible dependents. They were previously not included.
  • Links future increases in the retiree benefits cap to increases in the active benefits cap so that the two caps will move up in tandem, separated only by $500
  • Creation of a new article (Article XXIII - Discipline) to guide the district's behavior when disciplining unit members, ensuring unit members' rights in the discipline
    process including the right to a verbal warning, a progressive plan, timelines, and the right to grieve if the discipline process is not followed correctly
  • Revised 2016-17 calendar which moves Spring Break to March
  • Creation of the 2017-18 calendar

A General Meeting will be held Tuesday, May 26th to allow members the opportunity to discuss and ask questions about the TA.

The Tentative Agreement Ratification Vote will take place on Wednesday, May 27th at your school site.

More specific information about the meeting location and time, as well as on the tentative agreement, will be sent out soon.

If you have questions for the bargaining team members, their email addresses are below:

Gregg Riesenberg (HS), Chair -
Chris Bushee (HS) -
F.E. Young (ER) -
Josh Schmidt (HM) -
Rebecca Hickok (HM) -
Petrina Arth, Alternate (HM) -
Penny Upton, CTA Rep -

As we prepare to discuss and vote on the tentative agreement next week, please take the time to thank our bargaining team for their efforts on your behalf. They have worked
very hard to get us to this point. Finally, thank YOU for YOUR contributions in wearing your shirts, your badges, and sharing our message with the community. This was a true
team effort.
BHEA Endorses Margo, Paysinger

The Beverly Hills Education Association supports incumbent Noah Margo and former BHHS Principal Carter Paysinger in the upcoming BHUSD Board of Education election

Posted August 30, 2015

At their first meeting of the 2015-16 school year, the BHEA Representative Council voted to formally endorse incumbent Noah Margo and former BHHS Principal Carter
Paysinger for the BHUSD Board of Education election later in the fall. The two candidates are among five people vying for three open seats. The three other candidates are
Isabel Hacker, Lewis Hall, and Mel Spitz.

The interview panel for BHEA's Political Action Committee met with all five candidates earlier this month. The interview panel was made up of Chris Bushee (former BHEA
President and current Grievance and PAC Chair), Carol Courneya (President of the Instructional Assistants unit of BHEA), Mark Frenn (former BHEA President and PAC
Treasurer), Andre Law (OTBS Representative), Gregg Riesenberg (Bargaining Chair), and Telly Tse (BHEA President). Each of the candidates were asked questions relating to
their understanding of and attitude towards Common Core, school safety, the Board's role in working with administrators and staff, Measure E, staff salary, and health benefits.

"Based on the responses they gave regarding every topic we discussed, it is apparent that Noah Margo and Carter Paysinger have the experience, knowledge, and balanced
approach it takes to be a successful Board of Education member," says Telly Tse. "As educators, the welfare of the students we work with is our number one priority and Noah
and Carter's record has shown that it is their top priority as well. BHEA is happy to support the two of them and we look forward to utilizing the many resources we have to
ensure they win a seat on the Board of Education."

Noah Margo is a former LAUSD teacher and currently works as a contractor. He has three children, all of whom attend BHUSD schools. His wife, Laura, is an active member of
the PTA. Noah's campaign website is

Carter Paysinger is a former teacher, coach, athletic director, and principal of Beverly Hills High School. He retired earlier this year after a 30+ year career in the district. He has
one child and is married to Karen, an educator at LAUSD. Carter's campaign website is

ntative Agreement Reached
TA Between BHEA & BHUSD Signed; Board of Education and BHEA Will Vote to Ratify In Coming Weeks; November 1 Rally Canceled

Dear BHEA Educators, Parents, and Community Members

On behalf of the Certificated Bargaining Team, the Beverly Hills Education Association is pleased to announce that a tentative agreement with BHUSD has been reached and
signed. More information regarding the tentative agreement, along with the document itself, will be made available very soon.

In light of this news, the BHEA Memorial & Rally scheduled for tomorrow, November 1 at 4:30 pm is CANCELED.
BHEA thanks all of you for your efforts in helping the bargaining team get this agreement signed. Your willingness to talk to parents and other community members, pledge
your support, and agree to attend the rally all made a difference in getting the district to respond to our calls to resolve this situation.


Telly Tse, BHEA President
Rebecca Castrapel, Bargaining Team Co-Chair
Gregg Riesenberg, Bargaining Team Co-Chair
Chris Bushee, Bargaining Team Member
Alana Castanon, Bargaining Team Member
Jeff Harris, Bargaining Team Member